Eptisa has been awarded the Contract for the drafting of the Campo de Calatrava supply construction project from the Llanura Manchega system, in Ciudad Real (Spain), being the promoting Entity the General Directorate of Water, dependent on the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. The Contract is part of a series of actions that have been carried out for years to solve the problems of shortages of drinking water in the Manchega region; problems that are not only limited to the scarcity of supply sources but also include a deficient quality of the available water, both surface and underground, having declared part of the area in an EMERGENCY situation according to the latest report on monitoring indicators and drought and scarcity scenarios.
Properly speaking, the action will entail the drafting of two independent construction projects:
  • Supply project from the Manchega Plain System to the municipalities integrated into the Vega de Jabalón Consortium (Campo de Calatrava), made up of 12 municipalities that represent a population of approximately 40,000 inhabitants. Among the most representative localities, the following stand out: Almagro, Bolaños de Calatrava, Moral de Calatrava and Pozuelo de Calatrava.
  • Completion project of the priority branches of the Southwestern Zone of the Manchega Plain, for the supply to 9 municipalities that have a total population of 45,000 inhabitants, highlighting in turn, due to their importance, the towns of Daimiel, Villarrubia de los Ojos and Malagon.
The important scope of the works is perceived if it is taken into account that it will be necessary to project more than 100 kilometers of water transport pipes of different diameters up to 800 mm, having to develop activities that range from the Study of Solutions and choice of the optimal supply solution, until obtaining Cartography and Topography for the implementation of the works, Geological-Geotechnical Studies, own design of Conduits (layout and definition of its elements), design of the associated hydraulic infrastructure (pumping stations, storage and regulation of water, river crossings), Structural Calculations, preparation of Environmental Documentation, design of electrical installations and Remote Control and Remote Control, definition of affected Services and Expropriations, etc.,among other activities.
Eptisa has extensive knowledge of the project area for having carried out important works closely related to the purpose of this new action, among which stand out: the " Project for the Conduction of Water from the Tajo-Seguro Aqueduct (ATS) for the Incorporation of Resources for the Manchega Plain” , written by Eptisa between 1994 and 1996, as well as the subsequent “ Technical Assistance during the execution of Works” (2004 to 2007); the “ Project for Distribution Branches from the Water Pipeline that incorporates Resources into the Manchega Plain from the Tajo-Segura Aqueduct ”, drawn up by Eptisa between 2000 and 2002; and, finally, elaboration of theSecond Supply Master Plan for Castilla-La Mancha ”, in which powerful GIS tools were developed that allow rapid knowledge of the situation of municipal supplies in the area at the time of its drafting.
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