Eptisa participates in the Symposium "The Reactivation of Investments in Infrastructure, Post-pandemic"


Organized by the Honduran Chamber of Consulting Companies (CHEC) on October 27, 2022, the Symposium dedicated to the important issues and challenges of consulting and with the aim of addressing infrastructure needs in Latin America, featured important presentations of the Honduran authorities, with presentations by the directors of FEPAC, in addition to the participation of representatives of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and the IDB.
The meeting was consolidated into an event of special resonance, importance and opportunities for Honduras and Latin America, with the quality of guests with extensive experience and the direct participation of the Government, which confirm the magnitude and scope of the meeting.
Among many other personalities, the symposium was attended by Aixa Gómez, President of CHEC and Henrique de Aragao, President of FEPAC. And it was possible to attend interesting conferences of the Ministry of the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transportation and the Ministry of the Honduran Fund for Social Investment.
FEPAC was represented by Dr. Reyes Juárez Del Ángel, President of the Consultative Council of the National Chamber of Consulting Companies of Mexico, Past President of FEPAC/Ambassador of FIDIC and by Luis Villarroya, President of Eptisa, Vice President of FIDIC and Director at FEPAC for Spain,  which participated with the conference “The influence of engineering services on the quality and prices of infrastructure projects” .
The attendees were especially interested in this presentation, which dealt with such interesting topics as Sustainability, the contribution of Engineering and the assessment and contracting of engineering services.
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