Mr. Mike Cook, Technology R&D Director of Graniterock Visited JSTI Group

On 11 December, Mr. Mike Cook, technology R&D director and Dr. Xie Hongbin, technology R&D vice director of Graniterock visited JSTI Group. JSTI vice president Cao Rongji and staff of relevant departments had a communication with Mr. Mike Cook.

Mr. Mike Cook work for Alta Vista as a consultant on specific contracts, Alta Vista is one of the fastest growing engineering firms in the U.S. Mr. Mike Cook want to find some growth opportunities for AVS, and he thought JSTI is a very reliable and appropriate company. At the same time, collaborate with AVS will help us enter the U.S. market.

Vice president Cao Rongji suggested that our bridge engineering department could pay a visit to AVS next year and have a more in-depth discussion by that time. (Fan Beibei)



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