Delegation led by Zhai Jiejun visited JSTI

  With the aim to facilitate the judicial system reform and make acquaintance with the role of Jiangsu's universities and research institutes in judicial authentication, a 4-person delegation including Zhai Jiejun, Director of the Judicial Authentication Management Office under Jiangsu Judicial Authority and Deputy Director Deng Yansong and Liuning made a tour of JSTI Judicial Authentication Office to carry out a field survey on July 21st. They had a discussion meeting with DCEO Zhang Haijun of JSTI, Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Judicial Authentication Office Huang Sunjun and other relevant technical staff. At the meeting, the group led by Director Zhai Jiejun listened to the work report made by the Judicial Authentication Office and appraised high the role of JSTI's technical strength in supporting judicial authentication and legal action. He hoped that JSTI would continuously uphold the idea of growing into judicial authentication benchmark in transport industry and provide even more support to the development of Judicial Authentication Office using its existing technical strength, and continuously serve the judicial authentication industry in virtue of the company's strength.

  Established on May 6th 2013 with the approval of Jiangsu Judicial Authority, JSTI Judicial Authentication Office engages in more than 10 professional appraisal catalog including appraisal of quality for road pavement, bridges, grounds, underground space engineering, construction engineering and vehicles, environmental monitoring and test, and safety evaluation. Since establishment, JSTI Judicial Authentication Office has conducted judicial appraisal for over 200 cases, and relevant appraisal technology has been successfully applied to quality appraisal for 1st section pavement of Pengcheng Avenue in Nantong Hi-tech Development Area, and quality appraisal and damage identification for K35+275-K35+750 section expressway in Zhejiang. In these projects, JSTI Judicial Authentication Office has helped to provide strong judicial evidence.


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