Jiangsu Transportation Institute be a part in Environmental Experts Tour to Qing

  To make a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the actual environmental protection status in building transport infrastructures in Qinghai Province, and further improve the substantial results of ecological protection in road construction, Qinghai Transportation Authority organized an Environmental Experts Tour for Qinghai's Transport Ecological Civilization Building on July 17th. 6 experts from National Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ecological Protection Centre under Ministry of Transportation and All-China Environment Federation were invited to this tour. During the tour, experts visited the construction site of S103 Xi’ning-Ganchankou section and G109 in-progress sections and held discussion meeting to communicate on environmental protection in Qinghai's transport development, make diagnosis and put forward their suggestions. Deputy Director-general of Qinghai Transportation Authority, Ma Zhongying, Deputy director-general of Qinghai Environmental Protection Authority, Zhang Changlin were present and made speeches at the meeting, and some other officials from Qinghai Transportation Authority and Qinghai Environmental Protection Authority also attended the meeting. DCEO Cao Rongji of Jiangsu Transportation Institute (hereinafter “JSTI” for short) was invited to take part in this meeting.

  At the discussion meeting, Deputy Director-general of Qinghai Transportation Authority, Ma Zhongying introduced the situation of Qinghai's transport infrastructure building and environmental protection to the expert panel. The expert panel held high opinion on Qinghai's transport infrastructure building and ecological protection and pointed out that Qinghai, as a less developed region, was faced with a dual pressures imposed by development and environmental protection, therefore, Qinghai shall push forward the transport development with the guidance of green transport idea; conduct ecological design in road construction to keep the wet land in good reserve; be aware of the objective law of Qinghai's ecology, and , using big-data thought and method, try to turn the law into the rules and criteria to guide a ecology-favorable construction of roads and ensure a green development.

  In recent years, JSTI has made hundreds of achievement in consultation in such projects as expressway, water transport and new-type rail transit, and thus won the Consultation Achievement Award many times. Meanwhile, based on analysis of environmental risk of accidents and study of precautions, JSTI has made fruitful achievements in feasibility study on traversing the sensitive area of environment around the in-progress project, long-and-large-size bridge runoff collection and processing system, and complete technology in building green service island (area) with the support of dynamic membrane technology and filtered wetland ecosystem. Based on the years of experience in traffic noise pollution control, JSTI developed an acoustic barrier in neo-structure and material with independent intellectual property rights, which was authorized with two invention patents in 2014. In 2015, JSTI proposed “making sustainable innovation for customer's value and environmental improvement” as its mission, and made business development in field of environment one of its important goals. JSTI is resolved to provide strong technological backup to the development of China's “green transport”.


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