JSTI Expands Overseas Market with "Capital + Management" Mode

  --The Social Housing Project of Colombo, Sri Lanka has been Formally Signed

  On December 23, the social housing project of Sri Lanka National Defense & Urban Development Ministry co-contracted by JSTI and HRL HOMES PVT CO.LTD was formally signed. Urban Development Authority Chairman Nimal Perera, JSTI Vice President Zhu Xiaoning and HRL HOMES PVT CO.LTD President Shiam attended the signing ceremony. Before the signing of contract, local government officials and all Parties to the project attended the ground-breaking ceremony held according to Sri Lanka's tradition.

  This project is an important component of “Urban Regeneration Project-Colombo City” and a major social-welfare project of Sri Lanka. The architectural style is 15-story reinforced concrete apartment building. There are totally 2500 apartments. The construction period is 30 months.

  The owner of this project is Sri Lanka Urban Development Authority which is subordinate to National Defense & Urban Development Ministry (the minister is Sri Lanka President). It is an important department of Sri Lanka which is responsible for urban planning, land planning, environmental protection, real estate development and sustainable urban development. The co-contractors are JSTI and HRL Company. JSTI takes the lead in the project contracting and is responsible for the design, financing, procurement and construction etc.

  This is the first cooperation between Sri Lanka Urban Development Authority and Chinese company. Urban Development Authority Chairman Nimal delivered a speech after contract signing. He said that China and Sri Lanka were traditional friendly countries and hoped JSTI to participate in more urban construction projects of Sri Lanka.

  This project cooperation can be regarded as a reproducible “Capital + Management” business mode with which JSTI explores ways of contracting overseas projects, and a new step that JSTI has made in transforming from design and consultation businesses to investment + EPC general contracting. (Reported by Chao Yi)

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