"Technical Seminar on Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt" Hosted by the National Engineering Lab for New Road Material

  On June 19, Professor Sun Lu, CAREER Award Winner of US National Science Foundation, deputy dean of the engineering college of US Catholic University, and Yangtze River scholar of Southeast University, visited JSTI for discussion and exchange. Professor Sun, in the company of JSTI Vice President Zhu Xiaoning, visited the National Engineering Lab for New Road Material, the Key Lab of Transportation Industry for Health Examination and Diagnosis of Long & Great bridges, and Jiangsu provincial transportation safety and emergency technology research center.

  Zhu Xiaoning and Cao Rongjie, vice presidents of JSTI, attended the symposium with Professor Sun. In this symposium, Professor Sun had in-depth discussion with JSTI on traffic safety, smoothness, sustainable development and new material, and made expectation for the cooperative fields.

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