Dr. Phillip YEN, Chairman of International Bridge Anti-seismic Committee Visited JSTI and Gave a Lecture

  On July 7, Dr. Phillip YEN (Yan Wenhui), chairman of International Bridge Anti-seismic Committee, gave a lecture on “The Bridge Design Technology Evolved and Development to Meet Tomorrow Challenges”at the invitation of JSTI. More than 50 people from JSTI including Board Chairman Fu Guanhua, Vice President Liang Xinzheng and Deputy Chief Engineer Zhang Jiandong listened to this lecture and had in-depth communication with Dr. Phillip Yen.

  In this lecture, Dr. Phillip YEN focused on such topics as “Ageing Infrastructure”, “Greater Demand for Transportation”, “Safety and Smoothness”, “Consistency and Recoverability in Design”, “Rapid Construction”, “Long-term Performance——Operation, Maintenance & Health Monitoring” and “Bridge BIM——Integrated Project Delivery + Life Cycle Cost”. JSTI people benefited a lot from the lecture of Phillip YEN. After the lecture, they had in-depth and detailed discussion with Dr. Phillip YEN on such conceptual and technical problems as precast assembly and rapid construction difficulties, concept of recoverable bridge design, publicity of data collection standard for long-term performance study, data sharing and cable detection technology.

  After meeting, Dr. Phillip YEN exchanged views on the future strategic development and overseas market expansion of JSTI with Board Chairman Fu Guanhua, Rotating President Zhu Xiaoning, Vice President Liang Xinzheng and the heads of various departments. (Reported by Han Yixuan)

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