James Brownjohn, Vice Chairman of International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure Visited JSTI and Gave a Lecture

  On April 17, Mr. James Brownjohn, vice chairman of International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (ISHMII) and professor of UK Exeter University, visited JSTI and gave a lecture on “Structures Behaving Badly?”. Totally 46 people including JSTI Board Chairman Fu Guanhua, Deputy Chief Engineer Zhang Yufeng and staff from the construction companies of Taizhou Bridge, Suzhou-Nantong Bridge and Jiangyin Bridge listened to this lecture and had in-depth communication with Vice Chairman Brownjohn.

  In this lecture, Vice Chairman Brownjohn focused on the topics of “Application of Structural Health Monitoring and Structural Identification Technology in Engineering Practices”, “How to Monitor the Structural Behavior Under the Operating Period and Ultimate Load”, “Cases of Structural Damage Caused by Vibration” and “New Method for Displacement Monitoring” etc. The audience benefited a lot from the lecture of Brownjohn. After the lecture, they had in-depth and detailed discussion with Professor Brownjohn on such technical problems as the current situation of health monitoring and damage warning, fatigue cracks of steel box girder and displacement monitoring.

  During the visit, after learning about the fact that JSTI has made great progress in the scientific research and engineering practices of bridge health monitoring, and has applied such key technologies as “New Sensing Technology”, “Data Processing & Extraction Technology”, “Practical Status Assessment Method” and “Quick detection and Evaluation Technology of Bridge” to the construction of more than 10 bridges in Jiangsu Province, Vice Chairman Brownjohn showed strong interest and expected further consultation and cooperation with JSTI in the field of bridge health monitoring in future.

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