2015 International Rubber Asphalt Conference (AR2015) held in Las Vegas

     News  AR2015,hosted by RPA ,was held in Las Vegas from October 4th to 7th The conference is held every three years and has been successfully held 5 sessions so far. Among them,AR2009 ,hosted by JSTIGroup, was held in Nanjing, which was the first sessionheld in Asian countries.

      About 160 experts in the field of rubber asphalt pavement around the world attended this academicmeeting. Including Jorge B. Soussa, vice chairman of the international rubber pavement and George B. Way, director of technical advisory committee.

      Mr.Cao Rongji, vice president of JSTI group, Zhang Keqiang, deputy chief engineer were invited to attend tothe conference. During the meeting, Mr. Cao Rongji gave a academic speech named Application research of asphalt-rubber on recycling asphalt pavement, andhad exchanged the view about it with attendants. Mr.Cao Rongji had been awarded “International Rubber Asphalt Ambassador” by RPA and he had won this award for three times continuously. (Zhang Keqiang, Gao Dongmei)


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